Wednesday, October 27

He called, and took Mom to be with Him

It is late - on Wednesday night. We have spent the evening together. I am tired.... really tired. It has been a very very long haul. However, I would not change a thing. I thank God for the reality that was mine - being unemployed so that I could use my time as a gift to Mom. However - in the end - She was the GIFT to me.

Yesterday morning as I went into the city I petitioned God, on Mom's behalf - to "Please Lord, take her now." I knew God's timing was right - but felt that I needed to be bold in asking. As I left Mom for the past nights since the weekend - I prayed with her, asking the Lord to take her HOME. I recited the 23rd Psalm and John 3:16. On Monday night - I sat by her bed, reading out of the big print Bible - turning through the Psalms. Mom didn't have to say anything - her body language said it all.

As I left yesterday, I felt that it was going to be the last time I saw her alive. And, when I left I kissed her goodbye after praying and said "Bye Mom"...
When Elleanore called me - I wept... but I also prayed and thanked the Lord, as I drove into the condo. It was surreal. I walked into her room, and put my hand on her forehead.

Her soul gone... her very thin frame left behind for us to bury on Saturday. Only her shell. And I couldn't help but imagine Mom in heaven - being greeted by Dad, and Opa, and my parents, and my little grandson... finally Mom gets to hug her firstborn Great-Grandson. I can only imagine!

So. ... her journey on this side of heaven is done - and life for her has really just begun. She has a new body - a heavenly one. Cancer free!! Eyesight that is 20/20 - gazing on the Lord in all his Glory!

I say thank you Lord.... thank you.
You have heard and answered our prayers.
Thank you.

Absent from the body but present with the Lord - which is FAR better.

I need to get some sleep.... tomorrow is a full day.
Thanks for all your prayers!

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Tanis Gray said...

God is so good to answer your prayers and bring your mom home to be with Him. I will be praying for you and your family as you plan her funeral, and discover what life feels like without her here. I will pray that The Lord our God fills up the empty spaces she has left behind. May God bless you with peace and love as you mourn.