Sunday, October 24


today is Sunday
morning started early, with a hot bath and coffee
and a trip to Mom's to take over the shift from Neil

Mom is quiet
Pain is obviously under control
She still opens her eyes when we say hi
And when she saw Alvin, she smiled big.

Steve Bell has a beautiful CD that he did for his friend who was dying
That is playing softly

Elleanore is flying in today
Mom will be glad to see her
Actually we are all really glad she is coming here again

The nurse has been helpful
And stressed to us, the importance of "self-care"
Which, is easier said than done - for me anyhow...
but so important
as how can we care - if we don't take care of ourselves.

The condo is quiet - except for the music
My thoughts are quieting in my soul too
Tears come quickly and easily
As I realize I am having to say good bye to someone who has been Mom
to me almost as long as my mom had been...

The window is slightly open
And I hear the calling of the Blue Jay.
God has used that as a "kiss" to me before
And today, the cawing - brings comfort to me once again.

Soon, Mom will get to meet her firstborn Grandson Jay...
And she will see Dad... and Omi (her mom) and Opa (her step dad)
and...... after 73 years, will finally be reunited with HER dad... whom she had to say good-bye to one night when she was 6, and he was taken away and killed...

Absent from the body - present with the Lord - which is FAR GREATER...
Lord Jesus - this is what we desire for her
even though for us - it is so so sad to say good-bye, even just till we meet again.

I continue to pray -
Please God... take her now...
Please Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family.

In the midst of this journey, praying for peace and rest in body, mind, spirit and soul for all of you.

My mom too longs for the final journey home.