Saturday, October 23

please pray

I have decided to do a prayer request via this blog.... because I know some of you know mom well... and many of you know me well.... and many of you pray!
Thank you so much.

I am asking you to pray for my Mom (in-law) who now has pain. Multiple Myeloma is painful. We were very thankful that she didn't have any for a little while. However now she does. Two days ago we changed to a drug administered under the tongue. But last evening we changed and are now administering the same drug through a little needle port that is under the skin.

This method seems to be working.
I was pretty nervous at first, although the nurse said "you'll do well - you are so relaxed."

It has been a long day - and a long night.
The baby monitor I placed by her bed picks up every little noise and whisper.

Yesterday mom was perked up when Leah and Everett came for a visit. But as I engage with her now - even the perkiness she had then, seems a long way away.

Today is Saturday.... I am asking God to please God, just take her.
Mom is so ready to go HOME. SO ready.
I know that we don't understand the thoughts or the mind of Christ, and it is in times like this when you see someone you love deteriorate, I (and I know I am not the only one) just really wonders WHY GOD... why not just take her now.

But God knows.
The first breath and the last breath.
He knows.

O Lord, have mercy.

oh yes, in the midst of all of this - the boys are pouring the walls of the basement today. Please pray that will all go well - and without incident! In the midst of pain with losing mom.... is the joy of seeing God fulfill His vision for women... sorrow and joy always seem to co-exist. Or at least that has been our experience.
Thanks for praying for the boys too!


Tanis Gray said...

I will definitely pray. I don't know your mom in law except through your blog, but God knows her and loves her. I will pray for you and your family also.
Love your sister in Christ
Tanis Gray

Tanis Gray said...
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Anonymous said...
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